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Union Optic Inc., founded in 2004, is a manufacturer of optical components and crystal components, located in Optics Valley of China, Wuhan, Hubei. We are registered as HIGH-TECH company in optics valley. Union Optic has a 3,800 square meters facility incorporating clean room, manufacturing lines and R&D facilities. Union Optic has strong and stable growth over these years, now we have staff of over 120, consists of a very skilled team of sales and marketing, management, engineering and technical.
After several years' effort, our products are well acknowledged by our foreign customers and widely used in industrial and scientific area. We have successfully cooperated with many customers in Europe and USA for long time.
Product Range
Optical Element: Optical Material, Lens, Window, Mirror, Beamsplitter, Prism, Filter

Polarizing Optic: Waveplate, Polarizer, Depolarizer, Brewster Window, Quartz Polarization Rotator, Optical Isolator, Lateral Displacement Polarization Beamsplitter

Crystal: Laser Crystal, Nonlinear Crystal, Passive Q-Switch Crystal, E-O Crystal, Birefringent Crystal

Coating: Anti-Reflective Coating, Partial Reflective Coating, High Reflective Coating, Polarization Beamsplitter Coating, Non-Polarizing Beamsplitter Coating, Dichroic Coating, Interference Filter Coating

Union Optic is committed to supply our customers with high quality products, competitive price, on time delivery and good service. We focus on producing high precision components, improving customer service. Our goal is to be your long term partner!

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