Polarizing Optic
Waveplate Waveplate is used to control polarization state of polarized beam. Union Optic offer complete series of waveplates, include achromatic waveplate, zero order waveplate, multi order waveplate, dual wavelength waveplate, telecom waveplate. Union Optic c ... more>>
Polarizer Polarizer is used to change un-polarized beam into linear polarized beam. Union Optic offer complete series of polarizers, include Glan Taylor Polarizer, Glan Laser Polarizer, Glan Thompson Polarizer, Brewster Polarizer, Wollaston Polarizer, Rochon P ... more>>
Depolarizer Plane polarized beam is not welcomed in some circumstances such as reflecting spectrometer. A depolarizer will change the plane polarization into a mix of polarization states by scrambling up the polarization, the result is to change plane polarized ... more>>
Brewster Window Brewster Windows are uncoated substrates which are used as polarizers, typically in a laser cavity. Placed at Brewster's Angle the P-Polarization portion of the light will pass through the window 100%, while the S Polarization portion will be 20% ref ... more>>
Quartz Polarization Rotator Due to the rotation activity of natural quartz crystal, it also can be used as polarization rotators so that the plane of input linearly polarized beam will be rotated at special angle which is determined by the thickness of quartz crystal. Left-hand ... more>>
Optical Isolator Optical isolator is a combination of a polarization Beamsplitter cube (PBS) and a quarter waveplate made of crystal quartz. Incident light is linearly polarized by PBS and converted to circular polarization by the quarter waveplate. If any portion of ... more>>
Lateral Displacement Polarization Beamsplitter Lateral displacement polarization Beamsplitter produces two parallel output beams which are separated by a lateral displacement. And the displacement is decided by the size of rhomboid prism. This Beamsplitter consists of one or two rhomboid prisms c ... more>>