Optical Element
Optical Material Union Optic can supply many optical materials, like colorless optical glasses, color glasses, infrared materials, UV materials and also optical crystals. Usually, the material we used is Chinese material unless specified. If you can not confirm which ... more>>
Lens Lens can converge or diverge the transmission beam and form image of the object, Which is widely used in various applications. Union Optic can provide all kinds of spherical and cylindrical lenses. ... more>>
Window Windows are optical glass with polished faces that are relatively parallel. They are used to protect laser output. Always windows are AR coated to eliminate reflection, so AR coated windows offer improved transmission when used in industrial displays ... more>>
Mirror Mirror is used to reflect or deflect propagation of light. Union Optic offer many types of mirrors, include Dielectric Laser Line Mirror, Dielectric Dual Laser Line Mirror, Broadband Dielectric Mirror, Metal Coated Flat Mirror, Metal Coated Concave M ... more>>
Beamsplitter Beamsplitter is used to divide energy of beam into different portions. Union Optic offer many types of beamsplitters, include Beamsplitter Plate, Nd:YAG Laser Beamsplitter Plate, Ultra Thin Beamsplitter Plate, Non-Polarizing Beamsplitter Plate, Beams ... more>>
Prism Prism is widely used in optical applications. Union Optic offer many types of prisms, include Right Angle Prism, Penta Prism, Beamsplitter Penta Prism, Corner Cube Reflector, Porro Prism, Dove Prism, Rhomboid Prism, Brewster Prism, Equilateral Prism, ... more>>
Filter Filter is widely used in different optical applications. Union Optic offer many types of filters, include Color Glass Filter, Neutral Density Filter, Interference Filter, Birefringent Filter and etc. Custom filter can also be provided upon request. ... more>>